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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  March 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the a look overhead at the top of this hour, a clear view of the crescent moon. to the horizon, you will see fog in most areas, some areas it's thick. sharon is watching it on her traffic cams and meteorologist, tim williams, in for the vacationing marty bass and first morning weather. >> we are dealing with the fog, as you just seen, it's a pretty clear sky, we are dealing also with the mild temperatures from yesterday, the dew points are high, the humidity levels are high. the winds are calm. the air is still, and until we get a little bit of a stir, the
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sun comes up, the breeze start to pick up, that fog is going to sit and we will have that throughout the morning until 7:00 when the sun comes up. 50 degrees is our average across the state. 46, temperatures now in for the 6:00 hour, 52 on the shore. high pressure in control, bringing in an easterly winds when it's blowing, contributing to the moisture. today 50 degrees, chance of widely scattered showers through tomorrow. we will see sun through the afternoon and fog tonight in to tomorrow. the same drill continues. you may see fog on the drive in, here is sharon. >> good morning, we saw it in monique griego's live shot and the traffic cameras, plenty of problems, an accident on 795 southbound, franklin boulevard, you want to watch for an accident in cockeysville, that one is going to be on church
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lane at u.s. road, watch for than accident southbound on delaney at hopkins. disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. that one in the clearing stages. fire activity on ireman. no delays out there just yet. there is a live look at the west side of the beltway at liberty road. this is brought to you by toyota, back over to you, don. two fog related eastern shore school delays this morning, kent county and queen anns county are operating on a 90 minute delay. no morning prek for queen ann's county. here is what people will be talking about. mitt romney picking up 20 delegates over the weekend. romney and rick santorum are now taking the race to illinois. >> reporter: mitt romney will carry more momentum in to the
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primary contest, he celebrated another win, easily capturing all of puerto rico's 20 delegates. rom any spoke to supporters in illinois, polls show he is locked in a tight battle. the state holds its primary tomorrow. as romney gain as bigger league, his wife is calling on republicans to end the fight for the nomination. >> it's time to get behind one candidate and get the job done to move onto the next job, bringing us one step closer to defeating barack obama. three contenders say they are not going anywhere. santorum says romney hasn't proven he is a good enough candidate. >> somebody had a huge advantage, money advantage, huge advantage of establishment support, and he hasn't been able to close the deal.
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>> reporter: santorum spent yesterday in louisiana, which votes this weekend. he will join romney in illinois today, to court voter whose are still undecided. ron paul and newt gingrich have no events scheduled. >> republican national chairman says he beliefs the party will have a nominee within a month or two and before the convention in august. before that, the race for the republican presidential nomination is coming to maryland. mitt romney will be here for a series of events on wednesday, first, attending a private lunch at the naval academy in annapolis and making his way to a town hall meeting in arbutus and frederick. maryland has 37 delegates up for grabs. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of france. four people have been killed in a shooting there. this morning, someone opened fire in front of the jewish school. we have been told those killed include a man, his two sons, along with another child.
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police say, who did the shooting got away on a motor scooter. today, the lawyer for the army sergeant accused of killing 16 civilians will meet face to face with his client. brown will meet with bails, bails have not yet been charged. it's too earl hi to determine what factors may have played a role in that mass shooting. today, a funeral will be held to remember a local soldier killed in afghanistan, robert mar con ty was one of two killed last month amid violence following burnings of korans. the funeral will be in lutherville, he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. a family is grieving this morning after a woman is killed in a car crash while studying abroad. monique griego is lye in towson with the story. good morning, monique. >> reporter: good morning, don
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and everyone. kelly graduated at the top of her class in 2007 and planned a career in foreign service, that future was cut short. kelly was just 22 years old but seen more of the world than most see in they lifetime. >> this is the worst time of my life. >> reporter: her mother says on friday, kelly spoke in morocco. she lost control of her car. >> the other passengers survived. my daughter did not. it's like a dagger was just stuck in to my heart. i know my life will never be the same. >> reporter: she studied islamic civilluation and traveled to -- civilization and traveled to many parts of the world. she started her own blog and wanted to dispel misconceptions many people have about the middle east. she says you won't believe how kind the people are. when she was anywhere and people would talk about the middle east, she wanted to make sure people were aware of the
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good that was. there she liked showing people there about our culture here, so she hosted a thanksgiving dinner, and put up a christmas tree at christmas time. you couldn't ask for a better child than kelly. there is a huge hole in my heart because i'm not going to have that bundle of energy anymore. >> reporter: the family says funeral arrangements are still being made but could be up to two weeks before the body is back in the united states. >> thank you very much. >> kelly was accepted to harvard, george washington and johns hopkins in washington dc for more post graduate work and hasn't decided which school she would have attended. 7 people hurt when a car collides with a special needs bus. the crash happened yesterday on college parkway near arnold. the driver and five passengers on the bus were taken to a hospital and suffering from nonlife threatening injuries. the cause of the accident is under investigation this morning. thousands of marylanders are hoping to get a call from
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the new maryland live casino soon, as gigi barnett reports , the state's newest and biggest casino is hiring. >> reporter: this is where the path to employment at maryland live casino begins. recruiters inside knew interest would be high at the job fair. within a matter of minutes, this line grew, making it around the building, most know which positions they want. >> accounting, finance,. >> tonya is an at home mock who wants to get back to work. nothing has panned out and hopes this will. >> identify had several interviews and call backs and things like that but nothing permanent. >> it's gotten hard with the bills. i'm a single mom. >> michelle needs a part time position at the $500 million complex. seeing the competition face is face is tough. >> its nerf racking because -- nerve racking, because you see
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all the people, many of them have past experience. >> reporter: 900 jobs are at stake, and the deadline to fill them all is the end of next month. >> at that point we will have identified everybody and couple of more weeks to start the training process. we are in sprint mode now. >> reporter: i'm gigi barnett, wjz, eye witness news. >> because this is a new business, casino managers are looking to fill every position from servers to security. another business is looking for employees at the inner harbor. the buba gump shrimp company will take applications today and open at the harbor place. the new 20,000 square foot restaurant is slated to open before memorial day. the second seed maryland terpins women's team advances to second round. in round one, they faced off with navy and college park on
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saturday. thomas got 17 points and 10 rebounds. maryland won it, 59 to 44 and face louisville tonight. go lady terps go. >> they hustle more than half the mba teams out there. >> she juggles twins and does that. >> we know the struggle, marty mentioned it last week, the struggle she had with her young son, leukemia drugs in short supply. >> right. well, 6:00 already? >> must be the middle of a dream. >> or ron matz, how is your bract doing? >> reporter: put it this way, i had missouri winning the national championship. you know how my bracket is
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going. how about you guys? >> my guys are in there. >> i'm closer to you than don. i'm out. >> you are out. >> reporter: we should point out, indiana's head coach, tom, he is taking the program from nowhere, there is a baltimore connection. he is john harbaugh's brother in law. root a little bit for indiana. how about that. it's manic monday here in fells point. a great group this morning from pasadena, the lake shore christian academy when the eye ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dition
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good morning fort worth,
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texas and everyone. happy monday to you and last day of winter to you. little clot attorney radar -- clutter on the radar. we are watching a disturbance making its way over the ohio valley and between the great lakes and down in to virginia, this little disturbance is going to be responsible for a shower and a thunderstorm or so, widely scattered for tonight in to tomorrow. today, through tomorrow, it moves out of here, now our temperatures are mild in the 40 and 50-degree range. 43 ocean city. we have temperatures right around 53, westminster, 52 in annapolis and on kept island. 46 bel air, 48 in columbia. calm winds are responsible for the moisture in place responsible for the fog we have right now. we need the winds to start top move a little bit to help disperse the fog, but the rain that we is going to be primarily to the west and
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south, it's going to be through tomorrow, a part of our forecast. widely scattered showers, nothing that's going to wash out the plans. much of the active is dissipating to the ear side of the mountains but adds to the cloud cover but not bringing rain. we have this chance of rain tomorrow, through tomorrow, and then a chance by the end of the week in to saturday, in between times, mild temperatures stay in place, temperatures around the 70-degree range, above our normal high of 54 degrees, we stay there for the next five days. sunrise 7:10, no advisories on the bay. 68 degrees, thunderstorms mainly early in to tonight, and early tomorrow morning, 51 degrees tonight, then 73, 73 and 70s through the end of the week. >> a lot of you are going to see fog on your way in. a live look at the fog,
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take a look outside, that is 95 white marsh. that's where we are seeing the most fog. if you are headed out, other problems in addition to the fog, an accident on 795 southbound, past franklin boulevard. an accident in cockeysville, watch for a disabled vehicle on southbound delaney at hopkins lane. that's blocking the left turn lane and fire activity in the city, ireman, between bel air, take harris instead. there is a look at the speeds, slowing down, at full speed technically, on the top and west side, 95, might marsh, the west side, a little bit of fog on some moisture there on the camera, traffic moving fine there. traffic report is brought by your toyota dealers visit toyota and test drive the reinvented 2012 camry, it's ready, are you? time for manic monday.
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>> reporter: [music] straight to square fells point for manic monday today. hi, ron. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> doing well, and you? >> reporter: we are ready to rock and roll. manic monday in fells point, good morning, manic monday, we got a great group. lake here christian academy. [cheering] here is pastor barrett mc court. thank you for coming down, how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, thank you. >> reporter: lake shore is where? >> in pasadena, on, by the fire department at the end of route 100, we are 177 merge. >> reporter: arundel county. not far from the double t diner. >> reporter: pretty far from the double t diner. not far from the road house. >> reporter: there we go. we have our diners straight. okay. good to see you. how many children do you have
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in the school? >> about 45. >> reporter: thank you for coming down. we appreciate it. let me bring over our guys here. luther, how are you doing? >> good morning. >> reporter: the coach? >> good morning, don and marty. >> reporter: it's tim. >> reporter: tim this morning. hi, tim. >> good morning, coach. >> reporter: coach is very happy, his bracket is doing well. [laughter] luther, you guys ready to go? >> maestro, the music if you please. >> reporter: all right. my favorite words of the week. we will be ready to rock and roll. here we go. manic monday in fells point. [music] 6:00 already i was just in the
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middle of a dream. i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream. but i can't be late because i guess i just won't get paid. these are the days when you wish your bed was already made. [music] it's just another manic monday. i wish it were sunday. because that's my fun day. my, i don't have to run day, it's just another manic monday. [music] [applause] >> that was fabulous. >> reporter: we want to invite you back for the meltdown in
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november. give yourselves a happened. lake shore christian academy. we want to thank all the parents, for coming down this morning, we appreciate it so much. we have the paparazzi in the house. don and tim, enjoy your day, it's a great monday, we had a great group. one more time, give yourselves a big hand. lake shore, christian academy. we are taking a break and coming right back on this monday morning. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning, a promising student is killed overseas, i'm monique griego, coming up, we will hear from her family. good morning, hundreds of churches across maryland,. >> mr. hopkins: in to the debates over same-sex marriage, i'm adam may as the push for the referendum pushes forward. >> getting a hunting and fishing license will be easier with a new website. >> i'm sharon gibala with traffic control. if if you are about to head
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out, fog and delays, a look at traffic cameras, over to tim. >> in for marty bass, the first morning weather center, widely scattered showers in to the last day of winter. we will have the complete forecast coming up in a few moments. get ready to meet the most famous dog in the world. that famous pose as well. ughgy from the artist joins us on coffee with, learn about his role with nintendo coming up. the morning edition will continue in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
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we are looking at a decent day shaping up. temperatures in the 70-degree
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change for the next several days. 68 and wildly scattered showers for the amp and in to tomorrow. 5 tonight. for tomorrow, 73 degrees, fog in the morning, mostly cloudy with a thunderstorm in spots. we will have the complete forecast in a few moments. what awaits you on the commute? if you are about to head out, it's starting to slow down. we have accidents, one on 795 southbound, franklin boulevard, another accident in the clearing stages, cockeysville, disabled vehicles in the towson area. southbound delaney at hopkins, blocking the left lane, fire active blocking ireman, between bel air and cotman. we are seeing delays 50 miles per hour, average on the west side, looking outside, that's the west side and the delay at
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exit 16. see the moisture in the air in that shot as well. your car, your deal, make the jump to toyota. save when you buy. we have two fog related eastern shore school advisories this morning, kent county schools and queen anns are operating on a 90 minute delay due to fog on the shore. for queen ann's county, there is no prek today. a young parkville woman with a bright future ahead of her is dead after a car crash while studying abroad. monique griego is live with the story. >> reporter: good morning, don, good morning, everyone. kelly graduated a at the top of her class from towson in 2007 and planned a career in foreign service. she was 22 years ole but seen more of the world than most see in their lifetime. her mother says on friday kelly spoke at full bright conference
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in ma rocco. -- mo rocco. >> it's like a dagger was stuck in to my heart. my life will never be the same. >> reporter: she studied islamic civilization and moved to ball rain to research women's plight cam roles and started her blog and wanted to dispel misconceptions about the middle east. >> she said you would not believe how kind the people were. when people would talk about the middle east, she wanted to make sure people were aware of the good. she laked showing people there about our culture here, she hosted a thanksgiving dinner and put up a christmas tree at christmas time. there is going to be a huge hole in my heart because i won't have that bundle of
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energy anymore. >> reporter: the family says funeral arrangements are still made but could take up to two weeks to get kelly's body back to the united states. >> thank you very much. kelly had been accepted to harvard university, george washington and johns hopkins in washington dc to do post graduate work but had not decided which of the schools she would have attended. search is on for a driver who ran down a police officer on the eastern shore. investigators say 39-year-old den i have drove his truck towards two police officers injuring one and driving away. the truck was found nearby , the officer hit, suffered a broken ankle. jury selection expected to begin in the trial of a howard county man accused of killing his twin brother. alley was arrested in georgia and charged with the 2007 murder of his brother. investigators believe he killed his twin during a dispute over
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an on going theft scheme that both men were involved in. the battle over the state's same sex marijuana -- marriage law wages on. at the greater harvest baptist church, members are urged to take a political stand. the church, one of more than a thousand kicking off a petition drive to repeal the same-sex marriage law this fall. it's between a man and a woman, it's in the bible. >> reporter: o'malley signed the bill in to law. making maryland the 8th state to recognize same-sex marriage opponents launched a campaign to strike it down. this weekend the drive for signatures begins. >> you got a man and a man, a woman and a woman, what's equal about that? nothing. neither one can produce kids. >> reporter: other churches support same-sex marriage and more division within religions explained by this group of
6:35 am
catholics. >> we are basically speaking about human beings and about their enheart human dignity and the fact that their rights have to be protected. >> reporter: opponents need 56,000 signatures by june to get the issue on the ballot. couples hope they fail. >> our lives are not an american idol contest. i don't think that the validation of our family's respectability should be put up to a popular vote. the opponents are expected to get enough signatures but same sex couples would be allowed to tie the knot in january. >> the highest court could set a precedent when it comes to same sex divorce. a local woman in 2008, married her partner in california. two years later , the couple filed for divorce. a prince georges county judge denied the petition saying the marriage wasn't value valid in
6:36 am
the first place. a ruling could set a statewide standard or precedent. a soccer match turns violent. fans through railings and seats, 20 officers were injured. 50 people under arrest. one of the teams punished for having unruly behave behavior of the fans. gallagher is telling jokes again after a medically induced comatch they woke him up and he appears to be recovering well. leo anthony gallagher, is known for smashing watermelons with a sledge hammer. here is tim to report a new self serve website to be launched in a few weeks.
6:37 am
>> the way you purchase a maryland hunting or fishing license is about to head in a much easer direction. the department of natural resources will launch a user friendly on line registration system for hunting, fishing and off road vehicles, issuing a dnr id card to enroll customers and license agent within minutes. >> we email the license to the customer. if there is a problem at the agents with printer malfunctions or system errors, 30 minutes after they purchase they get an electronic version of the license. it should make it convenient and show it on the mobile phone as valid license as well. >> reporter: the company responsible is local, jnf technology in spakes baltimore county. nnr and the software designer expect the technology will streamline the licensing process but there is a bigger goal. other government agencies across the country could use it as well.
6:38 am
the system fully on line march 26th. tim williams, wjz 13, eye witness news. >> for a link, go to the team hosted the new york yankees in sarasota. they would win 6-3, after a game of the braves wound up in a 2-2 tie. six wins, 7 losses in spring training. the world will not see australian swimming super star 'ian thorp in the pool at the olympic games in london. the 29-year-old failed to qualify for the olympic swim team this weekend. thorp known as the torpedo, has five olympic gold medals. there is a big foil for our michael phelps. >> is there going to be a new
6:39 am
emerging super star or is michael going to dominate the field. >> i'm hoping michael dominates the field. >> that would be nice. add to his medal count. i can't remember how many he has now. >> this could be his last olympic games. he is getting up there in age. >> one thing is for certain, if he slows down after that food he eats, we talked about the stacks of pancakes, he needs to keep the metabolism going. >> maybe he will compete some more, who knows. he is young. >> he is in his 20s. getting old, though. >> yeah. >> spring is right around the corner, literally. 1:14 a.m. calendar spring begins tomorrow. for almost a full day, we miss out by an hour or so of having a full day of spring.
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sharp will have the latest -- sharon gibala will have the latest on the morning commute. some of you will be encounter some fog. more weather right after this. ,
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happy monday to you. last day of winter, temperatures feel like spring. we've had that for the last week or so. 48 our temperature. 46 dew point. air has a lot of moisture in it. humidity at 92% with the calm winds, a lot of moisture sitting in place, we have fog right now, that we are waiting to start, see dissipate a little bit, for now, it's going to cause for problems and sharon gibala will talk about that here in a second. 30.20, 50 degrees oakland. 52 cumberland. temperatures in the 40s, mid to
6:44 am
upper 40s around the rest of the state. 5 be 3 westminster. 48 columbia. 52 kept island. 52 annapolis. calm readings as far as winds are concerned, hagerstown to elkton and down the east portion of the state. bit of a south wind around dc, southerly flow from oakland towards cumberland, the winds kick up a little bit, from the west and southwest bringing in mild air. we have a disturbance coming in across the ohio river valley, just responsible for the chance of widely scattered showers and thunderstorms for today, tonight and in to tomorrow, until it clears out of here, it's not going to impact the temperatures very much. we stay in the mild range. it's because of, that they will be widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. the temperatures in the 70s through the week, ow average temperature now is 54 degrees, our asmg high, keep in mind, when you see the five day forecast, we are way above our
6:45 am
normal highs. sunset at 7:19, today 68. showers, maybe thunderstorms, earlier this afternoon, and in to the evening and same drill for tonight, 51 degrees with fog by morning. 73 for today, tomorrow, in to thursday, 76 degrees. 77 friday and 70 on saturday. rush now from sharon gibala, wjz 13 traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. new accident to tell you about the latest one on the beltway, west side inner loop on the right shoulder. watching for delays on the outer loop on the west side of the beltway, new problem in aberdeen, fire activity, that's closed between bel air and show field, take stephanie, blocking ireman avenue, between bel air and cotman, take harris. the disabled vehicle on southbound delaney, at hopkins lane, blocking the left turn
6:46 am
lane. a look at the speeds on the beltway, delays on the top and west side, 45 miles per hour, that's the slowest spot, that's a live look at frederick road, where we have the accident on the inner loop. visit toyota dealer today and drive the reinvented 2012 camry. it's ready, are you? coffee with guests are, ughgy the dog and his trainer, omar and the satellite interview is furnished by nintendo. >> welcome to the eye witness news morning edition. how is it going? >> doing good. how are you doing? >> we are doing great. we were commenting before we started this interview, setting up the shot, i've never seen a picture or a live video of that dog in color. i've only seen him in black and white from the artist.
6:47 am
he has a pretty muzzle there. >> yeah, he does. little brown hair. >> how much fun did you have while the artist was being made? >> it was amazing. great experience. the crew, the cast, everything was amazing. everybody loved ughgy. we had a great time. just like now, we are excited about ughgy being the first spokesperson for nintendo dds. >> explain that to us. are you on a game? >> no we are as a pet owner, that i am and dog trainer, we are big time supporters of any type of media that has to do about teaching people how to become better pet owners or more responsible pet owners. >> how does it do that? >> it does because let's say you have a kid that wants to have a pet.
6:48 am
he is not ready. this game will teach him how to feed your puppy, give him water, take him out for walks, spend the right time. once you see you kid is putting this time in to the puppy, be sides being a great tool,ist entertaining game, then he might be ready to have a real dog. >> what is cool about this, they have to understands this is a living being, not a toy. >> exactly. yeah. absolutely. it's not just for kids, there is a lot of people, for whatever reason, they never had a pet in their lives. having a pet is amazing, it will change your life completely. this game can teach you a lot of things about what a real dog is about, or a cat. >> did they come to you for this, before the artist is
6:49 am
total coincidence that he appear as spokesperson, we know with the ad campaigns are dreamed up a year in advance. >> no, no, no. actually, ughgy is so famous, we are getting a lot of calls, i was very, very happy to take nintendo's call, my daughter has the game. i was familiar with it. now i was like man, we got to support the game. it's a good cool tool for kids and people to have. >> can i ask you a question about the movie? normally a dog trainer has to work silently, so they don't show up in the sound track. working for a silent movie, you could have done anything you wanted. >> absolutely, we got to scream as much as we wanted. you have to make sure you don't get the main actor, he is in to falling in to character. you don't want to be screaming
6:50 am
too much. you might get him a little confused. we got to talk a lot about it. it was fun. it was a great experience to work on it. >> if anybody hasn't seen the artist when you do, whether it's on cable reissue in the theaters or dvd blue, tough understand how important that dog is to the success of the movie. it brings home this free wheeling era of hollywood. there is a scene taking place on the stage with the artist, and that dog, because it's the most pivotal in the entire movie. i'm blown away i'm looking at the dog in color. i'm sorry, i keep going back to it. he was powerful in that flick. >> you made my day.
6:51 am
that was great. if you have a youngster, check this game out, because we do the friday noon puppy, for 30 plus years, we've had a dog adopted out. we are the tv station that started doing this, teaching little kids, they have feelings and they will love you back. they are not a toy but batteries are required. >> great tool. don't forget, nintendo, it's a great tool. buy it for your kid. >> you two have a great rest of the day, man. taking a break and coming right back. it's where you spend a lifetime so your kids can go to college. so you can actually visit that beach proudly displayed on your monitor. for that, you work through lunch.
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or as we like to say, lunch through work. perfectly balanced hormel compleats meals. freshness sealed for flavor. in over 30 varieties, it's the lunch that works. girl: i want to tell you about my friend. his name is ben. ben learned about a homeless boy who had an infected tooth, and the boy died. that made ben really sad. he wrote a law so every kid can see a dentist. we have special dental van that goes from school to school.
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he even helps make sure we learn how to brush our teeth. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too.
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here come your updates from sharon and tim in for marty bass. >> good morning, everyone. we have fog this morning, that will eventually start to burn off, we will have some clouds out there, and a chance of showers through out today, tonight, and tomorrow. today, temperatures 68, tomorrow 73, chance of showers goes away by tomorrow evening. 73 wednesday, 76, 77 and 70 thursday, friday and saturday. for a check of the roads, we send to it sharon gibala with traffic control. good morning, a problem in to us, watch for this one, if you are traveling on 70
6:55 am
eastbound, several disabled vehicles are all in the same area there, no word yet on what is causing the problem. watch for minor delay there is. watch for an accident on the west side, that one on the inner loop at frederick road. we have fire activity in aberdeen, bush chapel road, closing between bel air, also fire activity the city, ireman closed -- take harris instead. this is brought by ringling brothers, barnum & bailey. two fog related eastern shore school delays to pass along this morning. kept county and queen ann's are operating on a 90-minuting delay. this is no morning prek, a towson high garage wait killed this a car crash while study abroad, kelly, graduated at the
6:56 am
top of her class in 2007, she studied islamic civilization at boston college and temporarily moved to research women's political roles. she died in moraco when her vehicle blew a tire and lost control. funeral arrangements are made for her while the funeral will be held today to remember a local soldier killed in afghanistan. robert ma can ty was one of two last month following the burning of koran at a air air -- air base. republican presidential hopeful, mitt romney, in maryland on wednesday, attending a private lunch at the naval academy and making his way to a rally in frederick. maryland has 37 delegates up for grabs in the april 3rd primary. stay with wjz 13, news [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles...
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are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ] i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza®. experience love that lasts. ♪
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